Hey what’s up

So this bartender’s got a real sense of humor, and he serves Paul a quadruple.  Keep in mind that’s I’ve got this big, ugly meeting tomorrow and I can’t be there with him.  So Paulie starts to think he can do a front handspring.  I guess this is what Paul is like when he’s drunk.  He’s making me hold his jacket and trying to find room on the sidewalk to do a front handspring.  You can imagine what it’s like when your blackout friend starts looking for running space.  All I can think is of his head bleeding and him drunk and not being able to understand why it hurts so much.  Dizzying, that possible future.

It turns out he can do it.  Really well.

“I just did it!  I didn’t think about it, I just did it!”

After that we went on through the humid night in Queens, talking about old hookups and the movie we’re writing.

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