Austin, Texas 1

This afternoon,

Jumpoline Park: the wide blue and green strips are trampolines, and the netted area at the back is trampoline dodgeball.

Ate at this box.  French bacon sandwiches and ham and cheese Quasonts.  Talked about starting weekend fun tours of Austin, similar to what Matt has been doing in Paris, but more involved.  We’re just bouncing some ideas for now, Matt, Jordan and me.  Just bouncing away.

I think I’ll start carrying a camera and speaking more slowly.  I want to go to the Blanton on Thursday to get ideas for colors to paint my room.  I didn’t know Kerry was in Red State; that’s awesome.  I’ve been wondering what was the name of that movie, the football movie.  Does anyone know if it’s on Netflix?

I saw this today, just after I woke up.  God only knows if the imbed will work.  It is a very, very solid short film.  Everything else that’s good about it, yes, and it is extremely solid.  The Man Who Never Cried.

That’s most of what happened today.  Working through Adobe Premiere to make another video for my sister.

Bye Emily!  Bye Lex!  Bye Paul!  David, I hope you are still feeding yourself.

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