What happened today

Mom woke me up and asked me to help with the yardwork.  I guess it took 30 minutes or so for me to get out of bed.  Yesterday was the first day with no cigarettes.  I was very careful yesterday to have a minimum of outside stimulus, so I could concentrate carefully of achieving my goal.  I read the Princess Bride by William Goldman.

Anyway, Mom got me up and I pulled Milkweed out of the yard because it’s a non-native invasive.  I didn’t get the roots on most of them.  It’s a stringy and brittle plant, especially when it’s dry.  We got an acceptable number of them and then I stacked the rocks that our neighbor gave us when she replaced her patio.  We’d had them stacked on the side of the house for a while, but Javier took some to make a patio elsewhere, and they need to be restacked.

We went to lunch at the Taco Deli.  I skipped the Cowboy Taco because I’ve eaten it so many days in the past six months that the salsa tastes overwhelming like a foreign salt to me.  My mom’s car has been screwing with us for a while, but we managed to get it inspected.  All’s good there.  About this time, though, the withdrawal kicked in again, and I wasn’t much fun to be around.  I don’t trust my thoughts when it comes to drugs of any kind.  Sometimes I do, I guess.  Caffeine is okay, I guess, and nicotine was too.  I trust them a lot more when straight, though.  A brain grappling.

We dropped off a broken computer at Goodwill, and went inside to look around.  Loafers that didn’t fit, a couch that’s too much money, a computer adapter with one wrong end.

Came home, and fell asleep for a three hours.  Woke up feeling much better, but with a manic-ness and self-condemnation I hadn’t felt seriously since I started smoking.  It was cool, though.  I went for a walk and that took a little of the edge off.  Came home and didn’t want to do anything or be anywhere, so I started making dinner.  Tuna salad came out well.  Hummus did too.  The first Republican debates were on for this cycle.  Everybody’s got to distance themselves from Obama, it looks like.  Everybody made very sure to say he failed.  Everybody made sure not to acknowledge the correctness of the other side in any way.  Nobody debated.  They should have called it The Republican Declaration of Political Identity.  I don’t have anything useful to say about it.  It may be better to privatize everything.  I don’t know very much about economics, and I’m willing to admit it.  But I guess if we’re encouraged to vote on values instead of knowledge: The Government (municipal, state or Federal) is willing to go insolvent to make sure you stay alive and happy.  Corporations don’t care about anyone but themselves.  When it comes to my health, I want the one that will try and keep me alive.

I talked to Paul about the director position I’m applying for.  He had some play suggestions – the UT library (the largest play collection in town) has none of them.  Talk to him about it tomorrow.  Andy and I talked.  The next 13 years are the most important.  At age 39, we’ll both have done everything we want to do on Earth, and we’ll be leaving it for the realm of new possibility: Space.  I agreed to this, y’see.  Rudeeeee.

Hey blog, what’s up?  I wrote another post.  Well, see you later.

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